Rwanda Experience, Final

India Harvey and Lauren Alexander dived right into video on their trip to Rwanda. Their final piece, Rwanda Experience, is a unique retrospective of their trip around the country. Using some cutting edge video production, the piece invites the viewer to examine their expectations and presumptions of Rwanda. Watch closely, enjoy!

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For her final project, Haley Cleary chose to focus on a unique subject: Hands. Here it is!

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Harwood and Woonsocket students visited a preschool in Kigali, called Teddy’s. This video, by Ashley Nelson and Jordan Iannuzzi, leads us through a day at Teddy’s, exploring what education means in a Rwandan context. Enjoy!

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What makes Rwanda, Rwanda. By Yuka Oiwa

Find a comfortable seat, lean back and watch Yuka Oiwa’s piece, What makes Rwanda, Rwanda. Her piece combines photos taken by the Stories of Hope team and excerpts from her journal. Enjoy!

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The Rwanda Experience (by India and Lauren)

Students are still hard at work on their media projects, but here’s a rough cut of India and Lauren’s project. Enjoy!

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Mzungu dancefest!

Today we headed to the National Museum of Rwanda, where we watched a traditional dance performance before touring the exhibits.

The dancers were amazing.

Photo by Andrea

When they invited us up to talk and try on their costumes at the end, that was amazing in a different way:

Photo by Haley


Photo by Haley


Photo by Haley

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Wide open hills (by Ashley)

Twists and turn through the hills,

Don’t forget to take your pills.

A smile and a wave,

Pizza is something we all crave.

All crowded in a bunch,

Wondering will we ever be on time to lunch.


I spent all my francs ,

Watched Ally and Elena pull many pranks.

Third floor likes to stay up late,

Moody doesn’t have time to debate.

From all places I see,

I know this is where I’m meant to be.

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